Grace of Hellfire is a free digital Haikyuu!! fanzine centered around angel and demon AUs

Zine Released!!


Interest CheckMarch 7 - 26
ApplicationsApril 4 - 30
Result EmailsMay 21
Response DeadlineMay 25
Pitches DueJune 1
1st Check-InJune 25
2nd Check-InJuly 16
Final Works DueAugust 13 - 20
PDF ReleaseSeptember


Mod Kaashi

Head, Organization, Writing | any pronounsI have been in love with Haikyuu!! for the past two years! I hope that by hosting zines and events we can share our love for all the characters!Experience:

Mod Emery

Social Media | they/them, he/himHello! I'm Emery and I'm super excited to work on this project! I'm a writer with far too much free time for my own good!Experience:

Mod Cara

Art | she/herhey hey hey! cara here. i'm a haikyuu!! fan with a weakness for volleynerds with bad hairstylesExperience
This Side of Paradise: a HQ x PKM Zine - production and shipping mod
Level Up! a HQ Gaming Zine - production and finance mod
Familiar: an Original Comic - production, finance, shipping

Mod Lemon

Formatting | he/himHey, I'm Lemon and I'm a trans artist with a love for bright colours and fashion! Angel/demon AUs are one of my guilty pleasures so I'm super excited to be a part of this project!Experience
Bloody Sugar - Graphics Mod
Stormy Seas - Graphics and Formatting Mod
Love In Lavender - Graphics and Head Mod
Sweet Tooth - Graphics Mod
Calico Sun - Graphics And Head Mod
Cutting Edge - Graphics Mod
Peas In A Pod - Graphics and Formatting Mod
Changing Colours - Graphics and Formatting Mod

Mod Lex

Graphics | any pronounsHiya! Im Lex^^ I’ve been a hq fan for v long time and Im a huge sucker for any and all AUs. I look forward to working with you all, angels and demons alike (;Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "zine"?
A zine, or fanzine, is used to name a project for an unofficial, fanmade publication that can be digital, physical, or both. Zines often contain a mix of artworks, writing, and merchandise for a specific fandom. Zines are the product of either a single person or a small group.
Zines are also a small-circulation, self-published work of original texts or images, usually reproduced via a copy machine. At least, that was how zines started, and they are even still made that way today.Is the zine SFW and NSFW?
The zine will consist of SFW creations only.
Is there any content other than NSFW that will not be allowed in the zine?
Yes! Aside from NSFW content, incest, pedophilia and other dead dove content will not be allowed in the zine. This is to make sure majority of the fandom can enjoy the zine.
How many artists and writers will you be accepting?
We are currently expecting to accept 10 artists, 5 writers, 3-5 merch artists, and 2 poets as of the time being. These number are not effected by guests or mods participating in the zine. These numbers may change depending on number of applications.
How old do contributors need to be?
We ask that all applicants be at least 16 years of age by the end of contributor apps.
How will contributor applications be evaluated?
Artists will be judged on aspects such as technical skill (lighting, perspective, use of color, etc.), composition, anatomy, and style.
Merch artists will be judged on technical aspects such as anatomy, composition, use of colors, as well as the overall appeal of their designs.Writers will be judged on grammar, syntax, flow, and characterization. Other possible criteria could include the ability to tell a story within the required word count. Such criteria will depend on what writer roles are preferred within the interest check.Poets (whose work will appear on certain merch) will be judged on style, flow, and other possible aspects important to poetry.Can an older piece be submitted for this zine?
Contributors will be asked to create new works to match approved pitches for the final pieces they submit to be published within the zine.
What characters are allowed in the zine?
Any character from the manga is accepted in this zine. That means manga spoilers may occur. For pieces that contain manga spoilers, we will do our best to have a warning.
Will ships be allowed in the zine?
Yes, ships will be allowed within the zine! We do, however, wish to have a variety, so only two pitches of any one ship will be allowed. The same will be said for pieces focused on one individual character.


General Application Requirements
- No NSFW pieces are allowed within the samples or portfolio submitted
- Portfolio must have at least 5 pieces. At least 3 of which must be different from the samples you provide.
- Portfolios may be google drive folders, carrds, personal websites, etc. so long as it is accessible.

- Three samples, max ~2.5k words each
- At least one sample needs to be a complete piece
- portfolio
- one Haikyuu!! sample required
Apply as a writer!

- three to five samples, max 10 lines each sample
- portfolio
Apply as a poet!

Page Artists:
- three samples, at least two with full backgrounds
- portfolio
- one Haikyuu!! sample required
Apply as a page artist!

Digital Merch Artists:
- three samples
- portfolio
- one Haikyuu!! sample required
- at least one sample of what you want to make
Apply as a merch artist!